Our Story

Transforming lives through the power of hemp

Our History

  • Our passion for hemp originates with one person’s transformation story. Manitoba Harvest founder Mike Fata found himself weighing more than 300 pounds and feeling sick, tired and frustrated. Mike took control of his health by overhauling his diet with protein, beneficial fats and fiber—all of which he found in a single food source: hemp.
  • Hemp transformed Mike’s life for the better, and the company is based on this profound idea: that the hemp plant can bring positive change to everyone. When we feel better, we have the power to make changes in every aspect of our lives.
  • We’re always learning more about the unique benefits of hemp, and we love passing on that knowledge to the people who trust and love our products as much as we do. Our new Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD products are a continuation of our decades-long commitment to sharing the power of hemp in all its many life-enhancing forms.

Unrivaled Experience

  • With more than 20 years in the business of growing hemp, along with manufacturing, packaging and distributing our products, Manitoba Harvest has become an unmatched leader in transforming people’s lives through the power of hemp.
  • In our commitment to industry-leading safety and consistency, we have developed state-of-the-art, A++ manufacturing facilities, employed scientists and technicians to ensure quality and innovation, and fostered a robust supply-chain network with an emphasis on freshness, quality, environmental sustainability and reliability.
  • With our new line of Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD products, we’re thrilled to bring our extensive industry experience to something that holds so much promise and potential for improving your life.
As A

Certified B Corp We:

• Have Supply Chain Accountability among all partners
• Practice Zero Waste Production
• Utilize wind power to offset carbon footprint
• Were awarded the 2018 CHFA Sustainability Award