Our Story

Our founder, Mike Fata, overhauled his health and lost more than 100 lbs with the help of hemp! This mighty plant played a critical role in Mike's transformation, and inspired him to bring the power of hemp to health seekers around the world. Like those who founded our company, we're pioneers who aren't afraid to live differently. We are misfits on a mission™.

Our Values

Guided by our roots, we seek to always lead with integrity, put our customers first and break new ground. Sustainability and transparency drive everything we do.

Power of Hemp

Hemp is a superstar in the plant world, with a wide range of benefits. Our passion for hemp is based on its ability to improve lives and wellness in a variety of ways. The bottom line is we love hemp because of all it can do for you!
Can we get a

Hemp Yeah!?

Hemp is more than just a food, it’s a superfood! That’s why we’re proud to be the global leader in hemp foods, bringing plant protein, healthy fats, and other vital nutrients to health seekers around the world.